Christchurch Solar Power

The Garden City receives approximately 2000 sunshine hours every year making Christchurch a great location for solar power systems! Switching to solar is now more affordable than ever with solar panel prices coming down and excellent solar finance plans available. Excess energy not consumed by your household or business can also be sold back to the grid helping to pay off your investment faster. 

With our 3kw Solar Mid  system (using Canadian Solar panels) you could expect to generate approximately 3900kwh per year and approximately 7000kwh with our 5.3kw Solar Max system. 

If you want to reduce your power bills in an environmentally friendly way then talk to us about a solar solution for your Christchurch home or business.

What are the buy back rates from my energy retailer for exported energy? Check Buy Back Rates
How many panels will fit on my roof? Read our FAQ’s
Do you need council consent in Christchurch? No

Sunshine Hour Statistics via National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research

Choosing the right system

Every Christchurch home owners energy needs are different.  We understand that.
Solar Power NZ will custom design a system to meet your individual energy needs.

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Christchurch Solar Power

8 Panel System from $8999

3.28kw system with microinverters

8 x 410w Solar Panels
8 x Enphase IQ7A micro inverters
Black mounting system

*assumes single story, tin roof, straight forward install


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