Green Catch Solar Diverter

Use the Green Catch Solar Diverter from Catch Power to heat your hot water from your excess solar energy. The perfect add on to any solar system with electric hot water. 

Increase the ROI of your solar power system by installing a Green Catch solar diverter.

The unit is Australian made and can be installed easily at the time of your new solar installation or retrofitted to any existing solar system. This unit works individually of solar power system and diverts excess energy to your hot water cylinder before it exports to the grid. This will save you hundreds of dollars per year and help you get the most out of your solar investment.

How the Green Catch Solar Diverter works

Green Catch has built in algorithms to ensure you always have your water heated at the cheapest rate possible. Simply use the touch pad to choose your preferred method of heating.

Solar Only
 – opt for your water to be heated purely from your excess solar – perfect for the warmer months or an oversized solar array. 

Boost 2.5hrs Allow for 2.5hrs of off peak to come in to help  boost your hot water overnight – This option turns on your off-peak hot water for 2.5hours at night, then uses excess solar during the day to continue heating your water. 

Boost 5 hrs – Possibly the best feature of Green Catch;
When you choose the boost 5 hrs, on the first night the off peak will come in for 5 hours. If your hot water reaches cut off temp before midday the designated allowance will reduce by 12.5% each night until it finds the perfect setting for your families needs. If the hot water system misses cut off that day due to cloudy weather or extra use then next time off peak is available it will heat until cut off temp is reached.

Boost Now. This is a great added protection when you may have extra visitors over the holiday period and your hot water usage is higher than normal, Simply hit this button to signal your system to heat until cut off is reached

The Green Catch solar diverter needs to be installed by an electrician. To get one installed or enquire about a solar power system with hot water diversion please phone 0800 004 132 or fill out the form here