Queenstown Solar Panels Case Study

At the southernmost end of Lake Wakatipu, just north of the border of Otago/Southland sits one of the regions best kept secrets, Kingston.  And with approximately 2300 sunshine hours per year it’s a great spot for solar power

We were lucky to work in this awesome location surrounded by mountains and with a view of the lake from the roof.  The system is split over two roofs to maximise energy production throughout the year. 

We used a Fronius 8.2kw inverter with Fronius Smart Meter for monitoring production/consumption, and 36 Canadian Solar panels. 

These guys have also embraced EV technology and use the solar panels to charge their Tesla car. 

System Specs:

Fronius Primo 8.2
Fronius Smart Meter
Canadian Solar Panels x 36
Clenergy Mounting System

A message from the homeowner;
“We recently purchased a Tesla EV and wanted to be able to charge the car at home as well as have more control over the high prices of the electricity. And, even though our daily kilowatt usage was low to moderate being a couple with a small Airbnb, we found that we could justify the cost of a fairly large solar installation (8.1kw) which would pay for itself in just 7 years. Using high quality panels and inverter, which typically produce higher solar generation efficiencies and come with extensive warranties (panels at 25 years and the inverter with 10), we saw it essential to have the solar pay for itself well within the warranty period. If we weren’t charging the car with the solar power, it would take 14 years for the system to pay for itself which is still within the warranty of the panels making it a smart purchase as from that point we would have power at home with zero costs.

We’re super grateful to have had Chris get up on the roof with us and figure out the details of this installation. Having installed over 700 solar PV systems Chris had the deep knowledge and insights to work out what suited our overall needs best. His work was timely, efficient and worked as plan from the outset. His costs were reasonable and we are now well within the first year of a great system up and running as planned.”


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