Solar Power NZ are now offering Solar Power systems to residents in Queenstown and surrounding areas.

If you are a home owner or building a new home in Queenstown and thinking about Solar talk to us at Solar Power New Zealand. We specialise in Solar Power for the Queenstown region.

With approximately 2300 sunshine hours Queenstown is perfect for solar.

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Queenstown, New Zealand. 2300 sunshine hours per year makes this city perfect for solar power.

With a 10kw system from Solar Power NZ you could expect to generate 16,000kwh per year. With a grid connect system any excess energy that your house does not consume will be sold back to the grid for a small sum to your power retailer. See buy Back rates here.

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A 10kw system from Solar Power NZ could produce more than 16,000kwh per year.

We use only quality equipment such as Jinko and Canadian Solar panels and Austrian made inverters Fronius with their world class smart monitoring system.

We offer free quotes for solar in Queenstown. Click here for Solar Quote.

We offer solar power solutions for residents in; Queenstown, Kingston, Cromwell, Arrowtown, Lake Hayes, Jacks Point and more

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For more information on the systems we sell you can view listings on TradeMe. We have 3kw and 5kw systems listed. Get in touch with us for more information on larger residential and commercial systems.

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