Rolleston Solar Power

Thinking about adding solar panels to your home in Rolleston?

We service Christchurch and the surrounding areas, Rolleston included.  With our vast experience designing and installing custom systems paired with quality, tried and tested equipment, you can expect a quality result. 

With an average of 2000 sunshine hours per year, Rolleston is a great location for solar PV production. 

Our basic 3kw systems start from just $5499 fully installed! You can switch to solar sooner than you think. We have also teamed up with a local finance company to offer a zero deposit, low interest finance option for both out residential and commercial customers. Read more about our finance options here. 

How does solar work? 

A 3kw system on a North aspect will produce approximately 4000kwh per year in the Canterbury region. If you consumed 50% of this energy from your system and sold 50% back to the grid, you could save around $700 per year of your energy costs. The more self consumption, the quicker you pay off your solar system. Find out more about buy back rates here.

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