Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of the average solar panel?
They average solar panel used in both residential and commercial installations is 1650 x 992 x 40mm.

How much roof space is needed?
One solar panel takes up approximately 1.6m2 of roof space.  A 3kw system from Solar Power NZ with 10 panels will need approximately 16m2.

Is North the best roof face for solar?
The North facing roof is optimal for solar output in the Southern Hemisphere. East and West are also suitable for solar generation. Tilts can also be installed on flat roofs.

What is a grid connected solar system?
A grid connected solar system is connected to your electricity supply and any excess energy not used by your home will be exported and sold back to the grid. On extremely overcast days and when the sun is down your system will switch off and you will draw your power from the grid.

What happens to the excess energy not used by my home?
If your system is generating excess energy that you can not use up with your household appliances the energy will feed back to the grid and you will be paid for this energy. Rates differ between energy retailer. See Buy Back Rates here

Can I add more solar panels to my system later?
If you oversize your inverter you will be able to scale your system up by adding more panels. For example if you install a Fronius 5.0kw inverter coupled with 3kw worth of panels, you have the option of adding more panels (provided you have the roof space) to increase your system output when you are ready.

How much energy is used to manufacture my solar power system?
A solar power system uses a fair amount of energy to manufacture and transport, this is called the embodied energy. It will take approximately 2 years of your system running to pay off its energy debt and be generating clean green energy!

Are solar panels recyclable?
Solar panels are recyclable. The main materials used in a solar panel production are glass, aluminium and silicone. All of which are recyclable.

What sort of warranty do my solar panels have?
The quality solar panels we choose to use come with a 10yr product warranty and a 25 year performance warranty. Read more

Who is responsible for lodging required paperwork?
We handle all of the paperwork with the lines network, energy retailer and electrical inspectors. In some cases you will receive a small charge on your next power bill for changing to a solar export meter.

How much can I save from my power bill?
If you were to install a 3kw solar system in Christchurch that generated 3500kwh/year and your current usage is 7000kwh/year then you could expect to half your energy costs if you used all of the power you generate. Excess power can be sold back to the grid or stored in a battery system.